My Best Friend

January 7, 2007

For Liza, who no longer has a blog.

Saturday night in January
it’s raining global warming
we stand in front of the half-lit cafe
smoking cloves and talking
about the men in our lives,
freaks and assholes all.
We laugh and
she’s the only one I’m comfortable with enough to truly
relax relax relax.
There’s no place I’d rather be.


7 Responses to “My Best Friend”

  1. Mythoclast Says:

    C’est moi. Don’t call me by name or say anthing too noticably me, sil vous plait. 🙂

  2. I’ll try to be discreet. 😀 I won’t call you by your name if you don’t call me by mine.

  3. Mythoclast Says:

    Deal. Yay!

    So I was thinking, sometime soon, wanna have a beatnick style writing pow wow, somewhere ultra avant-guard (like us) such as CCW? I don’t know who else would come. Besides the dread DM. SJ, perhaps? My mom is writing screen plays. She’d come.

  4. That would be fun. Your mom is writing screenplays? That’s awesome. I often think about writing television shows as party of my shining-bright future.

    CCW is not as avant-garde as it used to be, obviously, now that they have a pool table and YP is no longer meeting there. Do we have to invite the dread DM?

    Does SJ write? I know he used to write poetry a long time ago. Screenplays, I guess.

    I’m sure CP would come, the question is would she get it/contribute?

    If my dad were alive, we could invite him. 😦

  5. Mythoclast Says:

    Yeah, she’s actually writing three now, I think. They’re pretty good. They’re actually straight plays.

    I was kidding about the dread DM; SJ writes screenplays; and I don’t think CP will want to come because she won’t feel smart, but we can ask. DMcG would have come, I bet. Too bad she’s left.

    What venue would you recommend?

    And we’d invite your dad to the extent that I’m serious about inviting my mom, which is not very. But with two adults it might be ok..

  6. Mythoclast Says:

    Good night…. YAWN.

  7. Good night! *yawns in return*

    DMcG would’ve loved it. She’s a fan of the avant garde. 😉

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